Top Makeup Products of 2016

Another favourites post as you can assume from the title, I will be discussing my top makeup products of 2016! I won’t necessarily be talking about new releases I’m just going to share with you my top products, without further ado let’s get started..


Primer is something I have really upped my game with this past year, I used to rarely use a primer however as I stated in my last post I started to pay more attention to my skin and in turn developed a new-found love for primers.


My oh my there has been such competitiveness within this category this year, between new releases, updated formulas etc! It was so hard to choose one so I have listed a few of my favourites, you have probably heard so much about these products already so I’m not going to explain why I love them. The up side to hearing about these products over and over again clearly shows they work!


There is only one winner for this category for me personally that is the Chanel Correcteur Perfection Concealer. It makes any under eye shadows invisible and gives a really flawless finish while not budging all day!


Laura Mercier is such a good complexion brand so it is only natural I would have to mention her powders,


Blush, Bronzer, Highlighters:


There is only one ruler of eyebrows in the cosmetics world, I will never stay from Anastasia Beverly Hills when it comes to this department.


I think eyes is too big of a category to break up as there would be too many sections, so instead I will list all of my favourite eye products below.



These are all of my favourite makeup products of 2016, I hope you enjoyed this post.

Bye for now,




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