Top Skincare Products of 2016

Welcome back!

Over the next few posts I am going to share with you my top beauty products of 2016, I will be sharing everything from skin care to hair care, let’s get started!

Skin care:

2016 was the first year where I feel like I actually took proper care of my skin, as much as I hate to admit it but before I worked in cosmetics I didn’t know much about skin care and therefore did not take proper care of my skin. Now my skin is probably the most important thing to me and yes I still use the occasional makeup wipe here and there but for the most part I have developed a well-rounded skin care routine. Everyone’s skin is different so these products may not suit everyone but they are what I found worked best for me, I have normal/combination skin.

Favourite Cleansers:

I still use my Garnier Miscellar Water to take off my make up every evening, I think it works really well and my skin always feels great after it and on top of that its super affordable too! You can buy it at any local drug store but here’s a link if you prefer shopping online:

I use the Neutrogena Oil-free Eye makeup remover to take my eye make up off, I just find this works really well for me as I wear quite a lot of mascara and doesn’t irritate my eyes.

For a deeper cleanse:

Estée Lauder’s Perfectly Clean Triple action, Cleanser/Toner/Makeup Remover which I find works really well as a deep cleanser or as a second cleanse.


Elizabeth Arden’s Prevage Anti-Aging treatment boosting cleanser, if I want more of an exfoliation

As a drug store alternative for an exfoliator, I find Neutrogena’s Oil Free, Foaming Scrub in Pink Grapefruit just as good as the Elizabeth Arden Prevage cleanser, the only difference is the Neutrogena doesn’t have the anti-aging properties.

Favourite Masks:

I have a lot of favourite masks as they all have a specific function be it unclogging of my pores, rejuvenation or hydration of the skin, so here are my favourites.

Function: Unblocking of pores

Clinique, City Block Purifying Charcoal Clay Mask and Scrub.

There is really only one masks that I could truly recommend for this function. As a makeup wearer it is natural that your pores will get blocked and it is so, so hard to find a mask that actually works. However I finally found one and it will be my holy grail product for life!

Function: Skin rejuvenation

Although it is very expensive, I cannot recommend La Mer’s Intensive Revitalizing Mask  enough. If any of you are preparing for your wedding or a special occasion then this product is a MUST HAVE! When I was trained on this product my manager told me after using it over night, it makes you look like you have had the best nights sleep of your life.. and I can vouch for that statement, it’s that good! I would get a sample of it to try before spending on it though, as La Mer is a very rich product you need to make sure your skin doesn’t react to it. My best advice would be to book a complimentary facial with your nearest La Mer counter and get them to do a full skin consultation with you. As it is that bit more expensive than most other brands you want to make sure you’re getting the right products for you! In saying that though after trying this mask I cannot live without it anymore!

Function: Hydration

After trying the charcoal clay mask from Origins I wasn’t impressed in comparison to the Clinique mask it just didn’t have the same results for me. However I then tried the Origins, Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask and I was so impressed! When I woke up the next morning my skin looked and felt amazing, any redness I had, was gone and it just looked so healthy and felt so hydrated. Living in New York has definitely pushed my skin to its limit. I have been dry and oily in the same day, however this mask in conjunction with the Clinique, City Block Purifying Charcoal Clay Mask and Scrubhas been a lifesaver!

Function: Anti Ageing

La Mer’s Lifting and Firming Mask.

Although I do not use this myself, I have used it on clients and I’m sure they would agree with me in saying it is the BEST anti ageing mask on the market. Yes it is that bit more expensive,  however it is literally Botox in a bottle! I had a client one day when I was working on a different counter and I was matching her for foundation and she told me she was going to get botox and I told her she had to try this as an alternative first. Six months later, no botox and she is still using this mask, she couldn’t believe the results. Now it is not a miracle worker, it’s not going to magically erase any wrinkles and make you look 20 again, but it does smooth them out and hydrates the skin to reduce the appearance of them. When I get to the age when I need to start using an anti-ageing mask this will 100% be the one I go for!

Favourite Moisturizers:

My Mom has the best skin I have ever seen, she has not aged a day skin wise since her 20’s as far as I’m concerned. She has zero wrinkles and her skin is always so soft and fresh looking. I am praying to any God that will listen that I get her good skin genes lol!

Her no. 1 die-hard skin care brand that she will never stray from is Estée Lauder. She has been using their Day Wear moisturizer since she was nineteen, I and my fellow cosmetics colleagues can tell you that it definitely works! So of course this will always be my no. 1 moisturiser too!

However, during the summer of 2016 Estée Lauder came out with a new moisturizer that I have to mention also. The Revitalizing Supreme Plus, Global Anti-Aging Cell Power Creme,  both myself and my Mom love it, even though it is for someone who is a little older than me I still love the feel it gives my skin. I use it at night-time to give my skin that extra bit of hydration it needs after a long day bustling through the city. It contains Moringa Extract which is a very powerful ingredient only present in this moisturizer that combats all signs of ageing! Shout out to the lovely Estée Lauder team in Brown Thomas, Galway for the recommendation!


If you’re looking for something that little bit extra then I would recommend any of the La Mer moisturizers too as they are fabulous and make your skin look and feel great!

Favourite Serums:

Hand’s down this one goes to again Estée Lauder! The Advanced Night Repair is just too good, I use it every second night and find it just gives my skin that little extra care it needs living in this city. In the morning I use The Estée Lauder Clear Difference Advanced Blemish SerumI have never been prone to break outs until I got a reaction from a product a few months ago and moving to New York when my skin was at its worst didn’t help. By no means are my break outs bad but I find using this serum in the morning keeps them at bay!

Favourite Eye Cream:

As I am still young I don’t want to over load my skin with products, especially near the eye area where your skin is thinner than a 1 ply tissue! So for me I only use one product to protect my skin from the harsh environment we live in and to hopefully prevent any aging! The La Mer Illuminating Eye Gel, is the perfect product for me! It’s not too heavy and doesn’t irritate my eyes as there is no perfume in it which I found a lot of other eye creams to have!

If you have any questions or want any product advice please feel free to contact me I would love to answer them!

More Favourites to follow soon!

Bye for now,




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