Getting back to what I love


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Welcome 2017!

I am so happy that the new year has finally arrived even if it has not gone to plan .. I was sick all of New Year’s weekend and I got foundation in my hair while I was getting ready for work this morning (for those fo you with white blonde hair you feel my pain lol!) but who cares! I saw a quote over the weekend that said “365 blank pages, make it a good book” and I absolutely love this. This year I am controlling my own destiny, what is better than 365 blank pages where you can control the story they tell. Take life into your own hands, for the last year I feel as though I have been drifting away in the passengers seat of a car.. not anymore! I am taking the driver’s seat in life this year and I have some pretty exciting things planned.

As I said in my last post I am focusing on enjoying myself this year, when I speak about enjoying myself I’m talking about experiences but I also meant in how I feel inside and out. I am getting back to the things I love and enjoy to do. For example I am starting dance classes again, dancing is something I have loved since I started when I was three years old! I haven’t danced in probably over two years.. which may not seem like a long time but when you spend your life doing something it feels like forever. Now that I am in New York I cannot wait to experience different styles of dance and different styles of teaching also.

As many of you do not know I spent most of my life training and competing as an Irish dancer. Now that I am older while I still love Irish dancing it is just not the thing for me anymore. Growing up in Ireland I dreamt of being a back up dancer in music videos, not a very feesable career when the only classes they taught at the time were mainly ballet and Irish dancing. I took ballet until I was 11 and then did some “hip hop” classes also. When I talk about hip hop I mean my Irish dancing teacher taught us a few mediocre dance moves to current pop songs! When I was sixteen I joined an Irish dancing troupe “Mystic Force”, where we travelled the country performing at weddings, fashion shows and even some of the major national rugby events. In 2010 my troupe and I auditioned for “Got To Dance”, for those of you who don’t know what this is, it is like the X Factor for dancers in the UK and Ireland. We made it to the semi finals and met some pretty incredible people for examply Kimberly Wyatt (The Pussycat Dolls), Andy Garcia (tap dancer/actor), Ashley Banjo (Diversity) and Davina McCaul (Presenter). It is one of my biggest life achievements and one of the best experiences I have ever had.

Anyway back from that trip down memory lane, I have always dreamed of taking dance classes in New York as there are so many more opportunities. Even though I can no longer make dancing my career, I hope to succeed at it as much as possible and if I only end up taking the classes for fun then so be it, at least I am back doing what I love. 2017 is all about finding new balance in my life. I have neglected exercise for the last while, one reson being I was injured and another reason being I was just fed up and had zero motivation for it! I’m going to be totally honest here, taking a gym class like a boot camp or one of those is my idea of torture, I joined the gym last March with plans to overcome my hatred for it and take some classes. I realized the way I like to keep fit is 100% through dancing, I also enjoy pilates too but nothing gives me more enjoyment than when I am dancing. My goal for this year is to do something I love, stay motivated and get myself into a shape I feel comfortable in!

This blog post was originally supposed to be about my overall goals for 2017 and somehow it turned into all about my dancing, which now that I think about it was such a massive part of my life that I do not want to neglect anymore. Hopefully this post will give me the courage to pick up the phone and book my classes for the new semester today!

Bye for now,






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