Farewell 2016!


Hello again!

I cannot believe another year is over, 2016 flew by me, I honestly don’t know where it went. 2016.. what can I say, it challenged me and pushed me to my utmost limits however it was also a massive learning curve for me and I have no regrets. It was not the best year career wise as I lost my job in Links of London on January 16th last year, at the time I thought this was the worst thing to ever happen, I truly did not know where to go from there! Now looking back on it, it was probably one of the best things too as it gave me the push to work in cosmetics and in turn move to New York. Making the decision to move here was not an easy one! Even though I had been planning on moving here my whole life, I was still in limbo as to what I actually wanted to do and I realized after I lost my job, that if that hadn’t happen I would have happily stayed there and years would have drifted by without me noticing and that is not what I wanted for my life.

I am a firm believer in the saying “everything happens for a reason”, I didn’t get my job in cosmetics until after I had booked the move to New York so I didnt really have to make a choice on whether I was going to stay in cosmetics or not. Looking back on it, had I not already booked my flights to New York, I definitley would’ve stayed there because it was something that I loved and I got to work with some of the best people everyday, however I 100% would’ve regretted it if I did stay! Most of my best friends worked with me in Brown Thomas and it absolutely broke my heart to say goodbye to them after spending every day with them for months. I am quite a confident person but I am also very shy when I don’t know anyone. My biggest pet peeve is awkward situations, I never know what to do! Moving to New York has 100% pushed me to my limits when it comes to meeting new people. I will be totally honest here when I say, meeting people in this city is probably the toughest part of it all! It can be so lonely at times but you just have to remain positive and push through it. I am still so close with all of my friends back home, I talk to at least one of them if not more, every day and I cannot thank them enough for listening to me moan and complain over the last year! My friends really have been such a support to me even if we are thousands of miles away from each other, I never could have gotten through this year if it wasn’t for them!

Moving to New York has been one of the most challenging, terrifying but also exhilirating experiences of my life and although it has been tough, I know I will be a much stronger person because of this experience.  I still don’t know many people here and by many I probably know about five non family members lol, only one of which I would feel comfortable enough to call a good friend. I wasn’t lying when I said it was tough! In saying that though, had I not had my family here I don’t know how I would have lasted. I cannot put in to words how amazing my family has been to me, on both sides of the ocean! Between all the calls and messages I get everyday from my family back home and spending each day with my family over here, to say I have the best family in the world doesn’t even begin to express my gratitude for them.

New York has been the place I dreamed of living in for as long as I can remember. I love the buildings, the lights, the noise, the people, the accents, the subways (when they don’t get delayed lol) and most importantly the pizza haha! No in all honesty though, I have spent my entire life wishing that one day I would live here and here I am! I love Ireland but it has never been the place for me, I don’t know if New York will be the place I want to stay in forever as I have a lot of travelling to tick off my bucket list but for right now, there is no where I would rather be! I spent my childhood looking at my Dad’s pictures from when he lived here at my age and listening to all of his stories and hanging on his every word, never mind the fact that nearly every piece of artwork in my house is New York related, so it is hard not to see why I longed to live here for so long.

Well I had not intended for this to turn into the essay that it has, I look forward to having a fresh start to a new year on Sunday. Roll on 2017 and all of the wonderful things it has in store! For the first year since I was a kid I have actually made a list of goals for the year so let’s hope I can actually achieve them, my main focus is on enjoying myself and to try not to stress as much, life is too short!

I hope you all have a wonderful 2017 and I look forward to sharing the next chapter of my life with you!

Bye for now,






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